Mission Support

Plateau has successfully partnered with defense and civilian federal agencies for more than 20 years to provide IT solution consultation, innovation, and thought leadership.


The strength of our economy is directly tied more to energy efficiency and conservation than to other types of consumable energy sources. Environmental Management Systems (EMS) offer systematic approaches to dealing with the environmental compliance aspects of an installation. All things needed for survival depend on interactions with the natural environment. This concept emerged as a result from significant concerns. Business activities that generate hazardous waste materials are regulated and required to follow specific procedures. Our experts help you comply with the regulations relevant to your operation space.

Health & Safety

From the air we breathe to the places we work and live, our natural and human-made environment has an impact on our health and safety. Plateau GRP prepares health organizations to address new challenges and identify opportunities through the application of technology and services. Our experts help you analyze big data to drive efficiencies through IT to advancing medical research. To proactively prevent safety incidents and identify rapid response methods through technology solutions and services.

Defense & Intelligence

Plateau GRP’s solutions help agencies transform from an environment of technology modernization to one that also adopts human centered design providing streamlined support directly to your mission and requirements. Plateau GRP’s proven modern IT service management (ITSM) allows government agencies of all sizes to respond to changing needs beyond simple cost savings and efficiencies. Plateau GRP provides government IT consulting solutions to help:

  • Modernize infrastructure and IT services, supporting both CIOs and CTOs with industry best practices.
  • Optimize delivery of technology services, leveraging process methodologies such as the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®).
  • Maximize productivity and reuse of IT assets to save you money.
  • Improve enterprise operations and collaboration.


Civilian agencies deliver crucial services and support to US Citizens. Those services rely on secure and modern technology that protects information and provides streamlined processes. We are there, providing the technology integration, experts, and services you need. Plateau GRP works with Federal Civilian agencies to improve performance, enhance efficiency, and achieve their unique missions. Our services include assessing and tailoring workflows to fit your processes, training staff in newly developed and integrated technologies, and providing resilient solutions that meet your unique needs.


Plateau GRP provides logistics and maintenance support for the Federal and Civilian Agencies. We design, develop, and operate logistics and asset management systems to support your processes and operational lifecycles. With rapid custody transition, our teams can quickly react to changes in logistics and regulatory needs.


Requirements and resource management utilizes an organization’s resources to efficiently meet your requirements. This focus area includes financial requirements planning, programming, budgeting, and execution to support financial decisions. Plateau, Inc. offers tools that allow users to create and track project finances from inception through the approval and funding allocation processes.

  • Track Record of 10+ years with numerous DoD Commands across all Armed Services
  • Expertise with NIST RMF and ATO regulations/requirements for maintenance of IT systems in DoD Agencies
  • Best-in-class customer service and client collaboration
  • Rapid prototyping of business concepts into solutions with quick Return-on-Investment
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Plateau, Inc focuses on IT Products and Solutions that streamline business processes in Federal, State and Commercial agencies.


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